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Greetings, visitor!

We're the X-plicit Players, a naked, psychedelic performance group.

We deal intimately and palpably with Body in many forms, beginning with our own flesh bodies, and the bodies of our willing audience members.

We cultivate alternative functions of touch, alternative experiences of Body.

We use language, voices, instruments of sound and music, paintings, and videos to reach and move our audiences and each other.

We fight to stay naked and free on the streets and in the parks of our town, experiencing Body in the social realm; experiencing the social body of the town.

Our performance is both a forum where we share the results of our Body studies, and a laboratory where we advance them together.


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We hope you enjoy looking around our site;
we hope you can find a way to join our adventures.


Deb Moore and Marty Kent
Directors, The X-plicit Players

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