Debbie Moore: Biography


I began painting, starting with self-portraits, during my teen-age years. I was looking for a view of my own body and then a view of my lover's and friends'. I spent a decade painting my friends in nude repose or embrace. Painting became a touchstone through life's upheavals and demands, which kept my eyes open and hands at work, through a path of inner research.

I deeply appreciate the Impressionist and Surrealist painters, but my strongest influences have been from my best friends and living companions. They have alerted me to the other artists and ideas that have formed my world view. Together we have played ferociously with life and art, taken a path that is not the safest and most conservative, but perhaps the most wildly risky. My loved ones have enthused and challenged my art, and buffered me from the backlash of those who would oppress my art.

I left my childhood home in the suburbs of Maryland to be in the first class of women accepted into Princeton University. Unhappiness with the chilliness of the Ivy League world made me hope for better ways of life. I fled to a 300 person commune in Northern Massachusetts, called the "Brotherhood of the Spirit". Cutting loose of possessions and learning to plant food along with others who sought revolution, gave me roots in the life that I now live.

My friends and I now put our attention on the ills of society, with a vision of happiness we create from within the cauldron of modern life. I have walked nude through the streets of Berkeley each day, arm in arm with my friends, tenderizing life in the streets, for years. I have toured with a roadshow that brought hundreds together for nude psychic and physical encounter, to audible heart-sounds and poetic mindscapes. And I have given birth and raised children to adulthood within an inner sanctum of deeply resolved family intimacy. Keeping rooted in deep family, and seeking to bring intimacy out into culture and art, is my continued way of life.

I have shown my paintings in "one-woman shows" in most of America's major cities. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the California College of Arts and Crafts, put images on fabrics for a decade of clothing manufacturing, and co-directed another decade of X-plicit Players' performances.

If you are a gallery owner, I encourage you to plan a gallery show for the display of my paintings. If you appreciate art, feel free to make a collection, yourself, of these artifacts, which I shall gladly trade with you for enough money to stay out of jail and in art supplies.

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