Dreamtime Body workshop at The Chateau

The X-plicit Players "workshop" a new piece, "Dreamtime Body", at The Chateau in Berkeley, March 1994.

Really out-of-the-blue we received an invitation from Dave Nadel to perform in his club, Ashkenaz. He wanted to host a benefit for the legal fees in our attempt to overturn the recently-passed Berkeley anti-nudity ordinance. Ashkenaz is a big venue, so, we thought, why not come up with some ambitious new material?

We'd been studying the Australian "aborigine" idea of the ancestors "singing the world into existence", making the path by dancing the path, along with our didjeridu practices. We feel "The Creation" as something ongoing, not something in the past.

We dreamed up the idea of a ritual enactment of bringing the human body into existence, bringing our own bodies mutually into existence. That's a giant domain, so we just create a few scenes: flying through the Empty Gray Realm - the Lake of Flesh - constituting the Channels of Blood and Chi. And we wanted to work with some of our dream notes, providing fresh, anti-formulaic stories.

Meanwhile our friend Andrew Martinez wanted us to do a performance at Chateau, the student co-op where he was living. So we decided to try some early versions of our new material there.

Our usual live voice and electronics is augmented with the didjeridus, and also dropped to quiet while people listen into each others hearts and bellies. Ssshhh!


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