The X-plicit Players

The X-plicit Players are an interactive performance group, "in the psychedelic tradition".

We perform in venues, streets and parks around the US and Canada. We deal intimately and palpably with Body in many forms, beginning with our own flesh bodies, and the bodies of our willing audience members. We cultivate alternative functions of touch, alternative experiences of Body. We use language, voices, instruments of sound and music, paintings, and videos to reach and move our audiences and each other. We fight to stay naked and free on the streets and in the parks of our town, experiencing Body in the social realm; experiencing the social body of Berkeley. Our performance is both a forum where we share the results of our Body studies, and a laboratory where we advance them together.

New Document: Militant Nudist Revolution! by Andrew Martinez

     In the summer of 1992 we became friends with Andrew Martinez, a young UC Berkeley student who became known as "The Naked Guy" for attending classes nude. After a number of adventures, arrests, and expulsion from UC, he worked on a document he called The Militant Nudist Manifesto. Before he left Berkeley he entrusted that document to Deb.

Now in its first publication, we're pleased to make that document available here!

New video clip: Dreamtime Body workshop at Chateau...

     The X-plicit Players "workshop" a new piece, "Dreamtime Body", at The Chateau in Berkeley, March 1994.

Out-of-the-blue we received an invitation from Dave Nadel to perform in his club, Ashkenaz. He wanted to host a benefit for the legal fees in our attempt to overturn the recently-passed Berkeley anti-nudity ordinance. Ashkenaz is a big venue, so, we thought, why not come up with some ambitious new material?


Take a look at our latest movie...

     "Incarnating for an Afternoon" is a 50-minute video about the 9th Annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parade. This Surreal documentary conveys the tone and flavor of the Parade, features amusing, arty visual effects, and, in the time-honored tradition of the movies, provides an excuse to put your arm around your girlfriend.

Attended by a diverse mix of nudists, freedom-lovers, wild-men, and innocent bystanders, the Parade includes a series of rituals celebrating the beauty of the body and its liberation. Groups of people move "as one" through city streets, amongst police, street people, merchants, students and tourists who watch and join into an experience of "radical friendliness".

Get more details... Watch the trailer... Buy a DVD!

See the old video invitation to the Annual Nude & Breast Freedom Parades...

From 1992 to 2001, X-plicit Players held an annual "Parade" in Berkeley, "celebrating the beauty of the body, and the beauty of the liberation of the body from boring fashion and repressive social standards". It was promoted by word-of-mouth, street posters, newspaper and internet listings, but in later years we put together a video invitation which was aired on several SF Bay area TV stations!

View it on the left, or check this page for more details about the contributors.

Recent: X-plicit Players Live in Berkeley, Friday March 15

    The X-plicit Players appeared in Berkeley's East Bay Media Center Performance Space to screen videos from our Video Archive Project along with excerpts from Incarnating for an Afternoon.

Read a little more detail here...

Recent: X-plicit Players live in San Francisco, Mon Jan 14, 2013

The X-plicit Players appeared at City Hall Steps at 11:30 am, and Jane Warner Plaza at 2pm.
Read a little more detail here...

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The X-plicit Players are directed by Debbie Moore Kent (who also has a Painting Site) and Marty Kent (who also has a Home and Carpentry Site.)

You can read about our
"artistic background" from a 1998 federal court case.

Here's the transcript of an interview with Vanguard, a British zine.

Here are brief descriptions of some of the elements of our (theatrical) performances.

And here are some blurbs about a few past events of note.

The X-plicit Players' website has changed a few times since it first came online in 1996! Here's a "museum" with snapshots of the site from a couple of earlier epochs...

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