There are two kinds of directions we pursue in our performances. We want to foster certain "personal" feelings, thoughts and experiences for ourselves and the members of our audience. And also we want to bring about an encompassing form that includes all of us present, and whose character and purposes transcend our personal ways, "a whole greater than the sum of its parts". Perhaps a group of people, cultivating a certain intimacy and perceptiveness, can provide a temporary body (vehicle of incarnation) for a Spirit, or function as lens (focussing device) for "energies" unnamed in normal speech and thought. Our aspirations and achievements are no less real for being more or less unnameable.

To these ends we compose our events making use of certain building blocks. Most of them began as inklings, intuitions coming to us in the midst of a group of bodies; the medium of our performance (and the medium of our lives). Through subsequent thought and practice, we've developed some of these inklings into recognizable forms we call "routines" or "rituals".

You can read a bit about a few of these rituals in the pages below. The descriptions are not meant to be definitive, but rather to pique your interest: we want you to come to an event and do these things with us!

  Nature and Boxes
Tour of Touch
  Heart Sounds

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