Some Past Events

Wednesday, Jan 28, 2004, 8:00pm
Shelter from the Storm
Freight & Salvage Club
1111 Addison St, Berkeley
Price $15.50

Deb Moore, Marty Kent and Meg Rosser of the X-plicit Players did a musical set as part of a benefit for several Berkeley organizations that provide physical shelter for people who lack such (i.e. those whom pop-culture types call "the homeless").

Headlining were Berkeley icons Country Joe McDonald, Carol Denney, Marc Silber with Will Scarlet, and Buzzy Linhart.

St. Valentine's Day! Thursday, Feb 14, 2002

1 pm -- Veiled Body of Love
People's Park, Berkeley (see a map)

A Group Body of nude people, pressed together in a warm and friendly clump, wrapped around our outer boundary with a single, large piece of stretchy cloth (the "veil"), strolls and stumbles through the park and nearby street. The conversations and exchanges within the group are the Body's "thoughts"; its interactions with people and the place through which it moves are its "actions".

People joined us as "internal organs", moved outside but near us as friends, kept a bit of a distance and gawked, and bitched at us because we weren't "helping the homeless", while they threw their own lives down the toilet! Ah Berkeley!

Sunday, Sept 30, 2001 -- 11:00 am
The "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade

University Ave, Downtown Berkeley

We committed radical acts of friendliness, walked in a Group Body and celebrated the spirit of Mythic Berkeley, as usual.

See more details here.

Sunday, Sept 23, 2001 --- noon
The Tenth Annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parade

People's Park, Berkeley (see a map)

The 10th anniversary! Imagine that! I sure do pity everybody who missed this event. It was the most blissful, peaceful event we've ever done. (more...) (See the poster blow-up...)

You can see a video invitation to the parade!

Saturday, Aug 25, 2001 --- noon
Reclaim the Terrain 2

People's Park, Berkeley

Some of Mythic Berkeley's motliest crew joined in the park to remember Rosebud Denovo, killed on this day 9 years ago. The X-plicit Players, Carol Denney, and others celebrated the present while recalling the past clearly.

(See the poster blow-up...)

Sunday, April 29, 2001 --- People's Park, Berkeley
The 32nd Anniversary of People's Park

Once again we took the stage in the heart of mythic Berkeley, along with a handful of other staunch "counter-culture" types, including Carol Denney and host Wavy Gravy.

For 8 years we've been very honored to be part of the anniversary of the Park. While the X-plicit Players aren't primarily a "stage" parformance group, we have come up some very interesting pieces for the Park, including The Rite of Clarification (2000), Nature and Boxes (1998-9) and The Body of Refuge (1997). After our time on stage, we moved around the Park cavorting with the people through the afternoon. A marvelous time was had by all...

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